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Oct 2019

 16-18 May 2019




Video CEs

Please read the question and choose the correct answer from the drop box below.  When finished, click the submit button.  The test answers will be sent for review.  After submitting the test, you will be directed to the payment page (using the PayPal system).  You may make your payment using a credit card or a PayPal account.
A minimum of 80% correct is required to be awarded CEs

1. Out of her list in Putting It All Together, what item is not true?

2. What disease are associated with poor sleep?

3. Of the following signs of stress, which one was not listed by the speaker?

Wellness & Prevention Post-test

4. What is not true regarding strength training?

5. What are some of the influences listed by the speaker that are changing health care?

6. Which statement is not true regarding the safety issues with OTC medications?

hich statement is not true regarding the safety issues with OTC medications?

7. What is included in the tips for success into the practice of wellness?
       A. Educate                                                           D. Celebrate even the seemingly small achievements
       B. Use Support System                                       E. Be aware of what is in the news       
       C. Hold the patient accountable- weigh-ins, follow up, food diary, exercise logs

8. What is not recommended when putting wellness and prevention into practice?

9. What conditions do not lead to the importance of starting with weight management?

10. What are some problems that may be attributed to Obstructive sleep apnea?

1. The presentation was clear
and to the point —––––––––––>

2. The presenter demonstrated mastery of the topic —––-–––>


1. Review common modifiable risk factors that result in poor health outcomes —––––––––––>

2   Discuss comprehensive health assessment to identify modifiable risk factors —–––––––––––>

3  Develop an action plan to promote healthy lifestyle modifications–-––-—–––-–-––-–––––>

Faculty/Presenter Effectiveness:                    Learner Achievement of Objectives:

0 = Not Effective–>>Very Effective = 5