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Oct 2021

 12-14 May 2022




1.  If you use the pay pal system, they give us 60 days for a full refund. We will pass that on to you.

2.  If you cancel after the 60 days or use the Square system, we will send a check for the refund minus the service charge from Pay Pal or Square.

3.  If you cancel within 2 weeks of the seminar, we will refund ½ your registration fees minus the cost of the pre-printed notes and any credit card finance charges.

4.  If you no-show, the registration fee belongs to us.

5.  If you have to cancel, we will be happy to apply 100% of your registration fees paid to the non-refundable registration price of a seminar within the next calendar year.  This must be coordinated before the start of the seminar you are canceling AND you must register for the replacement seminar in a timely manner.

Refund Policy