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Oct 2021

 12-14 May 2022




We believe that providing continuing education is both an art and a science. The art is the planning and implementation based on the uniqueness of the APN profession.  The science occurs when the planning provides information based on research and experience.

Our desire is to build trust, to promote a positive orientation, to create a perception of control and to promote the APN’s ability to set and negotiate mutual goals with their clients by increasing their strengths of increased knowledge.

As a facilitator, we believe in the need to provide an interactive, interpersonal educational process that aids the APN to identify, mobilize and develop his/her own strengths.

We accept each APN as a unique, worthwhile and important individual that is dependent on updated education; while, simultaneously, maintaining independence from this educational support.

We believe in the APN’s abilities to adapt, practice holism and to grow and develop through education.  We encourage self-care through increased knowledge as a resource to improve action within the practice scenario.

Our Philosophy

Our Mission

We are a veteran, SD veteran, women owned small business. Our mission is to provide high quality continuing education to nurses, nurse practitioners, pharmacists and physician assistants so that they can practice the art and science of their professions utilizing the most current standards of practice in providing quality care. We want to continue to support our country by providing professional continuing education to our active duty and veterans as well as their civilian health care providers at affordable prices