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Oct 2021

 13-15 May 2021





Lecture 02 - 10/15/2020 - Sports Injuries -Tina Kurkowski, MS, RN, ONC, CNOR, ANP-C, ONP-C
 1) Discuss common sports injuries seen in the primary care setting
 2) Review the recommended treatments for sports injuries in primary care
 3) Review how to know when referral to a specialist is necessary

Lecture 03 - 10/15/2020 - Negotiating Higher Salaries - Nancy Plemmons, FNP-C and Howard Plemmons

 1) Review salary and benefit summary based on NP demographics
 2) Discuss Interview/Performance Reviews/Salary Negotiations from Employer Perspective
 3) Discuss 3 skills needed to successfully negotiate benefits with the end goal in mind

Lecture 04 – 10/15/2020 - Suicide Prevention - Jamie Sorenson, PMHNP-BC, PMCHNS-BC
1) Identify three knowledge deficient related to suicide prevention.
2) Review current suicide trends, protective factors, risk factors, and other statistics.
3) Discuss three reasons why there is a discomfort associated with talking about suicide and suicide prevention.
4) Describe at least five ways to help with suicide prevention.


Lecture 05 – 10/15/2020 - Men’s Health - Leslie W. Norris, DNP, FNP–C

 1) Describe trends in men’s health
 2) Discuss screening recommendations for men
 3) Devise care plans to improve men’s overall health

Lecture 05 – 10/16/20 - OTC Meds - A Pharmacy Virtual Tour - Kelly Jones, Pharm D, , BCPS

 1) Discuss current OTC medication recommendations for specific conditions  (i.e., GERD, Cough and Cold, Topicals, etc)

 2) Discuss the process for how a medication gets OTC status.

 3) Discuss the efficacy and side effects of select OTC medication

Lecture 07 – 10/16/2020 - COPD  - Leslie W. Norris, DNP,  FNP–C

 1) Describe the burden of COPD.
 2) Discuss the diagnosis of  COPD.
 3) Devise a treatment plan for the patient with COPD.

Lecture 08 – 10/16/2020 -  Coding - KellyAnne LaRocca, CPC

 1) Distinguish between a 213 & 214 code
 2) Discuss when and how to use modifiers
 3) Review the importance of and how to utilize basic coding

Lecture #9 - 17 October 2020 - OCD - David Justice, MD, FAPA

 1) Review the diagnostic criteria for OCD
 2) Discuss the spectrum of OCD symptoms
 3) List common treatments for OCD

Lecture #10 - 17 October 2020 - Telomeres and Telomerase - B. Lee Williamson, MSN, FNP
 1) Define telomeres and telomerase to include their functions
 2) Explain the importance of telomere length
 3) Discuss the relationship between telomeres and cancer
 4) Enlighten on how heath care provides could impact telomere health.

Lecture #11 - 17 October 2019 - New Drug Update - Kelly Jones,  PharmD,  BCPS

 1)  Discuss the safety of new medications introduced into the market.

 2)  Discuss the tolerability of new medications introduced in the market:  Tolerability.

 3)  Discuss the efficacy of new medications introduced in to the market.

 4)  Discuss the price and simplicity of new medications introduced into the market.

 5)  Discuss new formulation introduced into the market.

Special - 16 - October 2020 - Wound Closure Workshop - Robert Blumm, PA-C Emerittus, DFAAAPA

 1) Review the history that should be obtained prior to the closing a wound
 2) Discuss anesthetics that can be used before suturing
 3) Explain different suture material and techniques for wound closure
 4) Demonstrate proficiency in a variety of suturing techniques


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Lecture 01 – 10/15/2020 - Endometriosis Patient Perspective & Mental Health Impact - Jamie        Sorenson, PMHNP-BC, PMCHNS-BC
1) Describe three knowledge deficits related to endometriosis and how it impacts individuals that have this disease.

 2) Identify three ways endometriosis impacts an individual’s total body (especially their mental health).

 3) Describe three ways to improve participants' ability to assess for endometriosis

(i.e. questions they can discuss with their patients, how to educate patients, patients’ \families, and other
health care providers on endometriosis).