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Oct 2021

 12-14 May 2022




May 2021 Objectives

Dementia - Lecture 1 –Leslie Norris, DNP, FNP-C  
1) Discuss the diagnosis of dementia.
2)  Differentiate between common types of dementias.
3)  Identify treatments for dementia.

4) .Discuss caregiver role strain.

Nuts & Bolts of Pain Management  - Lecture 2 – Debra Hopla, DNP, FNP-C

1) Review how to validate acute and chronic pain complaints
2) Describe indications for multidimensional approach to pain management
3) Describe different etiologies in common pain complaints
4) Discuss evidence-based practice guidelines

5) Develop patient education and referral plans

  Speech Therapy for Primary Providers - Lecture 7 - Sarah Gaddy-Williamson,

1) Review Assessment parameters utilized by the Speech Therapist for adults and children
2) Identify treatments according to assessed deficits
3) Discuss when to refer to a speech therapist and when the therapist refers to other specialties.


Health Care Provider Stress Management - Lecture 9 - David Justice, MD, FAPA

1) List at least 4 adverse impacts that stress has on the body and mind.

2) List at least 5 reasonable action items to implement to decrease stress and enhance well being

3) Demonstrate 3 different techniques during the lecture to decrease stress


Controlled Drugs - Lecture 8 - Kelly Jones, Pharm D., BCSP

1)Discuss how and why certain medications are controlled.
2)List specific pharmacotherapy principles for many of the controlled classes to aid in the practitioner's medical decisions.
3)Describe the role of analgesic adjunctive agents for patients with chronic pain.  Dosage and efficacy will be discussed.
4)List particulars associated with efficacy dosage, side effects and drug interactions of non-narcotic controlled substances.
5)Know the different stimulant medications and how to prescribe and monitor them.


   OTC Meds  - Lecture 10 & 11 - Kelly Jones, Pharm D, BCPS

   1)  Discuss current OTC medication recommendations for specific conditions  (i.e, GERD, Cough and Cold, Topicals, etc)
   2)  Discuss the process for how a medication gets OTC status.

   3)  Discuss the efficacy and side effects of select OTC medications




Suturing Workshop - SPECIAL #1 - Robert Blumm, PA-C  

   1) Review the history that should be obtained prior to the closing a wound
   2) Discuss anesthetics that can be used before suturing
   3) Explain different suture material and techniques for wound closure

   4) Demonstrate a proficiency in a variety of suturing techniques

Heart Disease - Prevention and Treatment - Lecture 4 - B. Lee Williamson, FNP, MSN
1) Discuss briefly the American Heart Association goals and predictors of disease
2) Elaborate on “risk factors” causing predictors of heart disease
3) Differentiate between prevention, slowing, and reversing heart disease to include reality and practicability
4) Articulate “self-care” instructions (promoting and monitoring healthier cardiac/vascular systems)
5) List what a NP needs to practice “prevention”

Interview Techniques - Lecture 5 - Howard Plemmons

1) Discuss the rationale for why everyone should maintain strong job interview skills
2) Describe the 4 main components of an interview
3) Explain how to fit experiences (medical and personal) into the interview process
4) Discuss at least 4 things NOT to do in an interview
5) Describe 3 tips to help you stand out against the competition in the interview process

Thursday - 13 May 2021

Coding in Primary Care  - Lecture 3 – KellyAnne LaRocca - CPC

1) Distinguish between a 213 & 214 code
2) Discuss when and how to use modifiers
3) Review the importance of and how to utilize basic coding

Hypertension Updates - Lecture 6 -Leslie Norris, DNP, FNP-C
1) Discuss the diagnosis of hypertension.
2) Describe the burden of hypertension.
3) Devise a care plan for the patient with hypertension.

2) Describe the burden of hypertension.

3) Devise a care plan for the patient with hypertension.

Friday - 14 May 2021

Saturday - 15 May 2021

Legislative Issues - Dinner Lecture - SPECIAL #2 -Judith Zink, APRN MSN,  FNP-BC,  PCPNP , WOCN

1) Review of changes to the nurse practice act in 2018

2) Update on the Tax Credit for Preceptors

3) Discuss current legislation from 2020 and 2021

4) Discuss advantages to belonging to APRN organizations at local, state and national levels

5) Quick discussion on future legislation for APRNs