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Pamela Rose Landsberg MD

Pamela Rose Landsberg, M.D. was born in Buffalo, New York, then spent her childhood in Missouri and Texas, watching her father stay up all night treating patients and delivering babies, and seeing him happily take chickens or bushels of corn in payment quite often. This instilled in Pamela a deeply ingrained belief that has guided her life ever since: Patients come first.

Upon graduation from high school, the faculty elected her to membership in the Cum Laude Society, a national secondary school honor society. She received her Bachelor's Degree Magna Cum Laude from Boston University, then went to Albany Medical College in New York for her M.D. She returned to Boston for her residency in Family Medicine, thereafter becoming Board Certified in Family Medicine.

While serving as the primary Family Practitioner for the Public Health Department of Santa Barbara County, she was asked to become the sole provider of medical care for the county's transgender patients, starting in the early 90's. Her experience in serving the transgender community thus stretches back almost thirty years, and has been characterized by her being one of the very few providers in the county with the knowledge, expertise, and willingness to provide full medical care for persons who are transgender.

Although she is also a writer, filmmaker, and musician, her highest calling remains the practice of medicine. Currently she is establishing a private practice where she intends to focus solely on providing superior care to transgender patients.


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