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Oct 2019

 16-18 May 2019




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2.  True or False:  All those with Hepatitis C have many of the following symptoms:  Fatigue, GI complaints.      Insomnia. Dark urine, Joint pain, Puritus, Fever, & Jaundice

Please read the question and choose the correct answer from the drop box below.  When finished, click the submit button.  The test answers will be sent for review.  After submitting the test, you will be directed to the payment page (using the PayPal system).  You may make your payment using a credit card or a PayPal account.

A minimum of 80% correct is required to be awarded CEs

 1.  Which list below is in the order of High, Low and Lowest risk for contracting Hepatitis C.

1. Discuss the etiology and potential outcomes

     of Hepatitis C–- —––––––––––––––––––––>

2. Describe recommended diagnostics for

     patients with Hepatitis C ——–––––––––––>

3. Discuss available medications for the

     treatment of Hepatitis C ------—–––––------->

2. The presenter demonstrated mastery of the topic —––-–––>

3.  Who should be tested for Hepatitis C?     

4.  Initial work-up for hepatitis C which should be done in Primary Care include all the following except:  

6.  Which statement is not true about Genotypes?

7.  PEGylated interferon and Ribavirin have been the dominant treatments for Hepatitis C.   Which statement is       NOT true in regard to these medications:

8. Breakthrough treatments from 2015 and 2015 include:

10. Which statement is NOT true?  Life style changes that may help include:


5. True or False:  There is a direct correlation between viral load and disease progression and treatment length.

Faculty/Presenter Effectiveness:                        Learner Achievement of Objectives:       

1. The presentation was clear and
     to the point —–––-–––––>


Hepatitis C - Post Test

9.  Which statement is NOT true: