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Oct 2021

 12-14 May 2022




A. Walker, MD
Migraine Headaches

Conference Reviews “I will be back and hopefully will bring a friend.  Great Job!” “Speakers were very friendly and personable.   Will definitely recommend CEU.”

“All speakers Excellent”
(multiple times)

“Enjoyed entire program- well done/ well organized”

“I’ll definitely come back”

“Very well done—Enjoyed entire program”

“Great conference”

Thanks for the ‘Meet & Greet

So much I can use in my daily practice.   Loved the Myofacial therapy session.  Hands on was great!

Very nicely prepared  - nice handouts - great compilation of speakers - Thank you!

Loved the Pharmacology Hours

Enjoyed the networking social. What a nice group of people.

Good Venue.. Food was great.  It’s a perk to have it provided.  All speakers were excellent.  Kept my attention, experts, and comfortable answering questions.  Liked how day #2 & 3 were over by 2 o’clock so we could enjoy the area.  Stacy and Lee were very welcoming and obviously passionate about having us learn and interact.  Great people.  Liked the raffles – that was fun!!  I will be recommending this to my colleagues

This conference was an excellent combination of health care topics affecting NPs.  It will be highly recommended to my colleagues to attain credits for continuing education.

All speakers were fantastic & really enjoyed each topic… Really great speakers!!  Very well versed and educated… enjoyed the seminar a great deal!

It was a great conference

This is my first Alger/Lee Conference but I will definitely be back with a colleague!

All of the presenters were excellent!  I recommend all speakers for future seminars.

Great conference.  Well organized – good use of time!

Fantastic – very clinically relevant

Best site for conference been to in 13 years as a NP

Thank you for efforts to give quality Continuing Education, reasonable cost with quality information.

I will be attending again…

You ladies really take care of attendees!

GREAT seminar experience with you! Affordable, logistically easy and absolutely wonderful speakers! I look forward to seeing you both in the future. Keep this up - we NPs need you!

I really enjoyed the seminar . It was one of the most relaxed, enjoyable and educational conferences I have been to. Just thought you would like to know!

I enjoyed the conference very much and look forward to future seminars.   Thank you